• Surname and family name: Phaedra THEFFO
  • Date of birth: 19 september 1978
  • Home town: Sarnico (BG)
  • Moto Club: Reggiano (Scandiano RE)
  • Administration Team: Lucky Racing Team (Scandiano - RE)
  • 125SP Racing Team: Team Berga Engine Evolution (Crema - CR)
  • Minibike Racing Team: Team Space (Mirandola - MO)
  • Debut in 125SP: 2003 Winter Trophy at Binetto with the Ciatti Racing Team
  • Debut in 125GP: 2005 Honda Trophy at Vallelunga on 04/09 with Roberto Bava
  • Debut in Minibike: “Minimoto Day” at Galliano Park on November 26th, 2006


I rode a 50cc bike for the first time in 1998, in the Park of Monza with a friend. The following year I made my debut on track for the first time with a 125cc Aprilia.

In 2000 I made the first race. It was a round of the “Trofeo Mare & Sport” organized by the Motoclub of Misano Adriatico. The bike was from the Lucky Racing Team and the emotion really was a big one. I managed to finish the race and the organization invited me on the podium as it was my very first race. During the next season I still used the Lucky Racing Team’s motorcycle and I participated in several national races thanks to the help of Gabriele Gnani.

In 2002 I bought a motorcycle thanks to a new sponsor and therefore I could take part in various races of the Alpe Adria Cup, still with the help of Gabriele Gnani. I took part in the same races in 2003 as well.

The 2003 season also was the season of the big changes as I started to race with a real 125cc Sport Production. Thanks to Roberto Schena I took part in the three races of the 125SP Winter Trophy at Binetto with a 125SP Aprilia from the Ciatti Racing Team. I never had used a motorcycle as competitive as this one and this will forever be one of  the best memories in my carrier.

In 2004 I raced with another very competitive team, the SPM Racing Team, and I participated in the 125SP Eurocup Trophy, a trophy organized with the Road Racing Italian Championship and constituted of five rounds. I ended the season at the fourteenth position.. It was a very positive season, from the back where I was at the beginning of the year, I managed to conclude the last race at half-classification riding at only 2,5 second from the pole position. The work made by the Team was excellent so I went on racing with them for a part of the 2005 season.. I didn’t make many races in 2005 but some of them really were important as, more than three races in the 125SP class, I made my debut with a 125GP Honda. After a test at Magione at the end of August, I took part in the last round of the Honda Trophy at Vallelunga with a bike that Roberto Bava put at my disposal.

In 2006, I made four races of the 125GP Honda Trophy, one race of the 125GP Alpa Adria Cup at Rijeka and one race of the 125GP European Championship at the beginning of the season. I managed to qualify myself for the European race even though I really had no experience on a 125GP bike. All this has been possible thanks to Roberto Bava.

In 2007 I had to begin the season racing with a minibike as I had no sponsors. The Level of the Italian Championship was really high and therefore I participated in two regional races in the Open category, the first one at Cattolica on April 22nd and the second one on a street track at Rimini on May 6th. I also took part in some UISP races. At the end of the season I went back racing on big wheels, thanks to Roberto Bava, participating in the last two rounds of the 125GP Honda Trophy, the first one at Vallelunga and the second one at Misano. To keep riding on track, I ended the season with two races in the 125SP category, with Alex Battistini’s motorcycle and assistance.

In 2008, I decided to race again in the 125SP category, participating in the “Trofeo Mototemporada” as well as in the “Trofeo del Centauro”, with the Team Pit Lane from Sassuolo MO (Italy).

Thanks to the 2008 season, in 2009 I begin to fight for positions at the middle of the classification. Now with the bike change that will be done in September, I'm sure to be able to make great steps ahead, still thanks to the excellent Team Pit Lane's.

In 2009 I went on racing in the Sport Production 125cc category, for the second consecutive year and still with the Team Pit Lane. The expectations were quite high but many technical problems unfortunately compromised the results of the whole season. There have been anyway various satisfactions as the 13th position obtained at Vallelunga (28 riders) or the great laptimes during the practice in May at Misano and Vallelunga.

The adventure in the Sport Production 125cc championships goes on in 2010 but with the Berga Engine Evolution Team, winner of more than one title in this category.

In 2013, because of the lack of money and because it's not possible to practice enough with the 125cc, I decided to dedicate myself to the minibikes. At the end of 2012, I bought one of the best frames and I will take part in the WLB/FMI national trophy with the Team Space in the Senior A category. A really good organized trophy, as in the old times, with a real passion for the races. Then, if I will have the chance, I could participate in one race of the 125SP championship but nothing is sure yet.